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                                                                      Atoll Surface Recognizer  
  The program destination is to prepare graphic objects for Terrain Modeling and to save
points in coordinate text files.

1. Import points from coordinate text files*.
2. Quickly assign elevation to objects interactively, with defined interval - or random values.
3. Assign elevation automatically to points, according to text or attribute values.
4. Assign zero elevation to selected objects.
5. Export points to coordinate text files.
      Illustrated HTML Help included.

*X Y Z coordinates may be extracted and written to the text files from any CAD source (Point or Insert objects) by the program. Using coordinate text files obtained  from other sources is not guaranteed and not recommended.

This program is also the part of Atoll Land Surface application.
Platform: expected to work properly with any AutoCAD or IntelliCAD version.
Fill free to download the program demo and to test it with your CAD platform.

                                                 Download Atoll Surface Recognizer free demo




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