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                                                                               Atoll Map Frame  
  The program destination: Fast Map creation.

1. Paper Space Viewports with Coordinate Map Frames of any orientation and scale
    from drawn rectangles - or the required rectangle may be drawn and rotated during
    the program execution.
2. Scale grid and the North Arrow are drawn and visible in Paper Space only.
    Maps or scaled aerial photos are ready for plotting.
             Illustrated HTML Help included.  
If your CAD version settings have default Viewport creation in Paper Space
- THIS OPTION MUST BE TURNED OFF for proper working of the Map Frame.
Recommended to create only one Map Frame per Layout - or to create special files
for Map Frames and to load topography as XREFS before drawing Maps.

This program is also the part of Atoll Land Surface application
(included in Surface Explorer submenu)
Platform: expected to work properly with any AutoCAD or IntelliCAD version.
Fill free to download the program demo and to test it with your CAD platform.

                                       Download Atoll Map Frame free demo



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